Chantal - Chantal Chantal is a 20-year-old college...

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Chantal 1 of 2 Chantal is a 20-year-old college sophomore who is half Native American and half white. She is an only child and has always enjoyed being the center of her parents' attention. Chantal's father is a computer engineer arid her mother is a homemaker. Chantal grew up in British Columbia (BC), a province in Canada. She came to the United States to attend college "to get away from home and from my parents, who are very over-protective of me. I also wanted to see a new place." Chantal is 5'8" tall, weighs 155 pounds and is "a bit too fat. I work out but the fat seems to stay. My fresh- man 15 became a sophomore 30 I guess. But I also eat a lot of junk." Chantal was wearing loose fitting clothes and a pair of baggy shorts when she first came in. Chantal was referred to us because of her drinking. Her grades began dropping in her classes and an astute professor had a long talk with her one day. "My psychology professor, of course, spoke to me after class. I’d just bombed my second exam, I was missing classes and he wanted to know if everything was all right with me. He wasn't being nosy but I was pulling an A in class up until I began to miss and he was concerned. I had him last semester so he knew what I should be producing. So we spoke for awhile." Chantal's psychology professor referred her to us for an evaluation but she also came on her own "since I don't want something that could be an issue become even more serious. I know there's nothing crazy about me but I may as well find out before I get too old to do something about it." Background Information Chantal's developmental history was unremarkable except for the fact that she was reading fluently in English by age 3 and in French by age 4. Chantal is bilingual, which is typical for people schooled in Canada. "My mom and dad really emphasized reading and thus I learned to read early. I became a voracious reader. It's funny that I didn't do that well in school. I got boy crazy as a teenager and that didn't help. I also really didn't intend on going to
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Chantal - Chantal Chantal is a 20-year-old college...

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