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Unformatted text preview: Clarissa 1 of 1 "I know it's temporary and I know I'm overreacting. I sure don't want to, but I just feel upset!" Clarissa was speaking of her husband's new work schedule. Arthur Wetherby was foreman on a road-paving crew whose current job was to widen and resurface a portion of the interstate highway that ran within a few miles of the couple's house. The section the crew was working on now involved an interchange with another major highway. Therefore, the current work had to be done at night. . For the past two months, Arthur had slept days and gone to work at 8:00 P.M. Clarissa worked days as cashier in a restaurant. Except on weekends, when he tried to revert to a normal sleep schedule so he could be with her, they hardly ever saw each other. "I feel like I've been abandoned," she said. The Wetherby’s had been married only three years, and they had no children. Both had been married once before; both were 35. Neither drank or used drugs. Clarissa's only previous encounter with the mental health system had occurred seven years earlier, when her first husband had left her...
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