Florence - Florence 1 of 6 Florence is a 30-year-old never...

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Unformatted text preview: Florence 1 of 6 Florence is a 30-year-old never married single white female who comes from a Protestant background. (Keep reading to discover her height and weight during our initial intake interview.) She lives in a major urban area and is a graduate student in English. She has no children and has an older married brother, 34, who has two children and lives 30 miles away from her. She sees him somewhat often and talks to him about two to three times per week. Florence comes from a family of high achievers. Her father is the director of a statewide bank and her mother is a registered nurse. Florence's brother is a criminal attorney who is well known and well respected in his field. As for Florence, she decided to return to school to "find herself; I really did not like managing a supermarket chain. I needed to find something more fulfilling and being an English major seemed to be it." Florence had previously been in treatment for anorexia nervosa. She received inpatient hospital treatment as well as outpatient and "did well, if you ask me. As I'll tell you, things took some bad turns in my life and so I'm back, trying to find out what went wrong and where and put a stop to this." Florence made poor eye contact when we first saw her. Her eyes appeared hollowed out, and her hair was stringy. Our office thermostat was set at 73 degrees Fahrenheit but she was shivering. We noticed a very fine coat of hair on her arms when she briefly rolled up her sleeves. She was wearing long pants and a long-sleeved top and spoke very softly. Her affect was flat, but she was very pleasant during the initial intake. Florence was feeling more and more pressure from being promoted at the supermarket chain and from her family and "I just seemed to snap right back into this nonsense. My boss found out that something was happening, since he saw how little energy I had and how good I looked. I think he was jealous, but he always said I was getting too thin. I think I look hot if you ask me. I'm a fox." Florence's boss was getting very concerned and he consulted his supervisor who told him that Florence was endangering herself with her behavior. Florence's boss at the supermarket chain's regional headquarters finally gave her an ultimatum: Get some treatment or lose the job. Florence initially went along with the ultimatum because she did not want to lose her job. She telephoned us since she had heard through a friend that we specialized in the treatment of eating disorders and we set up an appointment for an initial evaluation. Background Information Florence had a rather unremarkable childhood, reaching all of her developmental milestones at the age-appropriate times in her life. Florence graduated with a B/B-minus average from high school and had a G.P.A. of 2.8 out of 4.0 from her undergraduate school. She majored in business as an undergraduate and took off six years to work in the supermarket chain, where she worked her way up to regional manager in a short period of time. Florence and her family had no history of alcohol or to regional manager in a short period of time....
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Florence - Florence 1 of 6 Florence is a 30-year-old never...

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