Gina - Gina Gina an only child was raised in a prosperous...

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Gina 1 of 7 Gina, an only child, was raised in a prosperous family. Her father was the chief executive officer of a major charitable organization, and much of his work involved the hosting of fund-raising events to support charitable projects. Through these events, Gina's family acquired a wide array of prominent people as family friends and acquaintance. Gina attended an exclusive private school for girls, where she was an above- average student. She did not seem to experience any unusual psychological problems during childhood and early adolescence. A popular girl who got along well with others, she had many friends. At about age 17, however, there was an incident that, as it turned out, foreshadowed the problems to follow. Gina: The First Incident In her senior year of high school, Gina became very involved in a school play production, in which she had a minor acting role. As the production progressed, she became more and more absorbed in the work Her presentation on stage during rehearsals became increasingly theatrical, and she became more involved in her costuming and makeup. The other students initially were in awe of the teenager's increased level of creativity and comfort on stage. However; with time, her behavior became bizarre. Once, for example, in the soda shop where students would gather after rehearsals, Gina became so giddy and talkative that she approached strangers for rambling conversations, telling some that she was a famous actress. Once, she actually burst out in song, reveling in the attention she got, which was actually not admiring. Soon the other cast members were distancing themselves from the high school senior: As matters progressed, Gina's joy shifted into a state of paranoia. She became convinced that the other students were plotting against her; trying to undermine her road to fame and glory. She became increasingly guarded and, ultimately withdrawn. Soon she became depressed, crying all the time, and refusing to go to school; she believed that everyone hated her and she wished she were dead. Unable to cope with this dramatic downslide, her parents sought professional help, and Gina was soon admitted to a private psychiatric hospital. While hospitalized, she improved with antidepressant medication and was re- leased after 6 weeks, feeling more or less like her old self. She received her high school diploma after making up missed work over the summer; and began college, as planned, in the fall. Things progressed well during her first year in college, but in her sophomore year she experienced a manic episode that brought about another hospitalization. Gina: The Roller Coaster Continues During her sophomore year; Gina became increasingly absorbed in her course work in astronomy to the point of neglecting her other studies. She would spend large amounts of time at the library, reading astronomy materials and becoming extremely excited about the idea of interplanetary travel. Eventually she spent 3 days in her room
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Gina - Gina Gina an only child was raised in a prosperous...

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