Ken - Ken Ken is a 37-year-old Asian male who has been...

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Ken 1 of 4 Ken is a 37-year-old Asian male who has been married for 6 years and has a 4-year-old Chinese adopted child. Ken stands 5’7” tall and weighs 210 pounds. Ken’s wife is from the United States. Both of their families were somewhat taken aback when they decided to get married. Jacqueline (Jackie is her nickname) is 36 and comes from a white Jewish household. “Everyone has this stereotype of Jews being liberal and accepting. Well that is certainly not true here. My parents were not happy when they met Ken. They loved him and knew he was a great person and all but the Asian thing threw them for a loop.” Ken’s parents come from Mainland China. His father was born in Shanghai and his mother was born in Shenzhen. His family is close to him and to his daughter but “they still treat Jackie somewhat suspiciously and that really hurts me and her. They don’t mean to be cruel; it’s a cultural thing.” Ken first came to see us dressed in a blue suit with a yellow tie (“A power tie, bro!”). He made decent eye contact and seemed nervous. His voice shook and at times he rambled on without stopping or taking a breath. His face was red as though he had a fever or was overheated. Ken wore glasses and had wiry, prematurely graying hair. He displayed an inappropriate affect at times, laughing and smiling when not appropriate. Ken wore a pager, which he initially refused to turn off. “What happens if something goes down at the hotel? No one can do the things I can do. They call me Superman at the hotel. A Chinese Clark Kent!” Jackie was dressed casually in jeans and a blouse, “just as you might expect for a casual Friday. No need to get dressy.” Jackie has a BA in English, “A total waste of time. I was expected to go to school but I really did not want to work. This was the easy way out. The schooling was fun was fun, but what can I do with that kind of degree? Drive a taxi or flip burgers? We figured that to get care for Angela it would cost more than my salary was at the time. I worked for a publishing house.” Jackie was 5’2”, wore glasses, and made good eye contact and had an appropriate affect. Jackie was pleasant and smiled often during the sessions. She would often look at Ken when she was speaking to gauge his reactions and perhaps look for approval. What brought Ken in to see us? “When I was 23 I began graduate school. During this time I noticed I was very moody, blue a lot of time. I attributed this to graduation and entering graduate school. To be honest I did not want to do grad work but I mainly did so to be with Jackie. Our relationship could not survive if I moved back home to work in the hotel. The sadness was normal (I thought), as did Jackie. But the intensity was not. There were days when I could not get myself out of bed. I did not have energy to engage in conversations with Jackie or anyone else. It seemed like every physical action required so much energy that it would kill me to do it. These moods eventually
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Ken - Ken Ken is a 37-year-old Asian male who has been...

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