Kyle - Kyle Kyle is a 19-year-old college sophomore who was...

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Kyle 1 of 1 Kyle is a 19-year-old college sophomore who was functioning reasonably well until finals week, when he began using large abounds of crack cocaine because he felt unprepared to take the tests. He began having the delusional belief that he was being watched by the police and that his parents were having him followed by a detective. Kyle became convinced that his roommate was an informer for the college president and developed the idea that the college president was giving nightly reports to his parents on his study habits, performance in class, and drug use. Finally, one night about a week after these delusional symptoms began, Kyle became extremely excited and agitated and threatened to hurt his roommate if he continued to inform on him. Kyle’s roommate became seriously alarmed at Kyle’s behavior and called campus security. This action reinforced Kyle’s conviction that his roommate was a hostile spy who had been observing him and informing on him. The patient was brought into the emergency room by the dean of students who was
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