Miguel - Miguel Miguel woke to find himself tied to a bed....

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Miguel 1 of 4 Miguel woke to find himself tied to a bed. Both his wrists and his ankles were lightly but securely bound with fabric straps. His head hurt and at first he as dazed and confused. Looking around, he ascertained that he was in a hospital. Faint sounds from a far-off public-address system drifted into the sun-lit, double-bedded room. Before he could respond to the rising panic he was beginning to feel, Miguel noticed that the call button was placed near his right hand, where he could reach it. Soon after pressing it, a nurse came in and began to untie his restraints as she told him what had happened. Apparently, Miguel had been admitted to the hospital the night before. He had been dropped off at the emergency room by a car full of "friends" who hadn't stayed around long enough to offer any information or to see that he was okay. He was dressed in blue jeans and a t-shirt, but he stood out from the rest of the people waiting for care because he was covered from head to toe with stripes and blobs of what appeared to be oil-based paint. Alone and clearly very agitated, Miguel couldn't sit still. Instead, he had created quite a stir, pacing and hollering, "they're after us; they're following us." When asked who the "us" referred to, he had responded, "me … us, all of us, we're breaking apart and they're after us." Alternately paralyzed with fear and lashing out in a rage, he had been unable to speak coherently or to maintain his attention for more than a minute at a time. Every sound startled him and sometimes he stared fixedly at the emergency room door, as if he were seeing something horrible. Unable to calm him or to figure out initially what was wrong with him, the emergency room physician had ordered that Miguel be restrained, admitted, and tranquilized. It had required one policeman and two orderlies to carry out the physician's directives. As the nurse spoke to him, Miguel began to remember bits and pieces of the evening, although most of what she told him about the emergency room was news to him. He had been smoking pot and drinking wine with his college housemates and their girlfriends. At some point, several of them had decided to drop some acid. Miguel's trip had begun in a pretty mellow way. An art major, he had been sketching and listening to music, when the urge to paint a wall-sized mural came over him. He went to his room and began to mix paints and spread them on the wall. The paints seemed to shimmer and pulse as he applied them in wide swaths to the large, empty space. He could hear the beat of the music through the floor of his room and he felt that the paint and music were moving in the same rhythm. He began to feel very certain that this painting would be his master work-that it would portray the unity of the universe and that, somehow, when people looked at it, the paints would move and they would hear music as he did while he painted. As he thought about unity, Miguel realized that he and his painting were one and
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Miguel - Miguel Miguel woke to find himself tied to a bed....

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