Peter - Peter Peter N. is a forty-four-year-old man who...

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Peter 1 of 2 Peter N. is a forty-four-year-old man who lives alone in a run down trailer several miles outside of a small New England town. His appearance is decidedly odd. He is a small, emaciated man who has a full beard and wears old, often torn, clothing. He smells awful, as if he hadn't bathed in months. Townspeople give him a wide berth, not only because of his odor, but because he has flown off the handle at shopkeepers and bank tellers, yelling and cursing at what seem to be imaginary insults and slights. Everyone recognizes him, and while some people feel sorry for him, most are afraid of him. The sheriff’s deputies are also familiar with Peter. Most of them have been on duty when he has created a scene in the community, or they have been to his trailer in response to neighbors' complaints that he threatened them or frightened them. The appearance of Peter's trailer is also decidedly odd. His bedroom is covered with scraps of newspaper articles dabbed with blue paint. The articles are about the mental health system at which he is currently quite angry. Blue is his special color, reflecting, he says "the deepest parts of my personality." Blue paint is everywhere, on furniture, cooking utensils, even his shoes. Also everywhere are the strange objects that he collects for his "projects." These projects always have to do with shielding himself or his possessions from harm. One of these projects, for example, involved using lime to clean lead, which he then intended to melt down and coat other metal objects to protect them. He spent the better part of his
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Peter - Peter Peter N. is a forty-four-year-old man who...

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