Quentin - Quentin Quentin, a 51-year-old middle school...

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Quentin 1 of 2 Quentin, a 51-year-old middle school principal, comes in for evaluation a wife's insistence after a battle with the school board that has put his job in jeopardy. She says that their current marital situation is intolerable and if he doesn't stop fighting with everyone, she will be forced to leave. During the initial interview, Quentin readily admits that, although he has always been a suspicious person, this characteristic has lately gotten out of hand. Despite this admission, he goes on to describe his feeling that members of the school board are conspiring with his staff and a group of unhappy parents to have him ousted from his position. He feels that the teachers staff are "keeping him in the dark" and not telling him what is going on in the school so that he will look bad and lose his position. He says that he thinks his wife's insistence on this psychiatric evaluation may actually be part of the school board's plot to oust him, because his wife is good friends with one of the school board members, and Quentin suspects she may not be completely loyal to him. He says that the school board administrator told him recently that, since his promotion to principal 2 years ago, he has I driving everyone nuts. Quentin insists that he has been trying to do the best job he can and that this statement must stem from jealousy and the school board's determination to get rid of him, "probably because they want to put one of their buddies in the job." When questioned in more detail, Quentin does admit, however, that he might possibly be overreacting and that perhaps some aspects of his behavior could have been at fault. Nevertheless, Quentin says that he constantly thinks about how he is being mistreated that this is interfering with his ability to
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Quentin - Quentin Quentin, a 51-year-old middle school...

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