Simon - Simon 1 of 1 Simon a forty-year-old attorney was brought somewhat reluctantly to therapy by his wife of seventeen years Carla The couple

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Unformatted text preview: Simon 1 of 1 Simon, a forty-year-old attorney was brought, somewhat reluctantly, to therapy by his wife of seventeen years, Carla. The couple were having increasingly painful arguments over the last year or two, and while neither was considering leaving the marriage, they both felt that they needed help in communicating more effectively with each other. Carla took responsibility for her share of the problem. She thought she might be having a "midlife crisis" in which her lifelong defense of "clamming up" when she was disappointed or angry was breaking down. She found herself nagging and arguing and feeling resentful much of the time. She wondered, too, whether periomenopausal hormonal changes might not be relevant as well. Her complaints about Simon included his not being as "accepting" of her parents as she would have liked, his not spending enough time with the children (two pre-teen daughters), his over commitment to spending time at a lake property that had been part of his family for several generations, and his...
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