Solomon - Solomon Solomon is a 42-year-old black Jamaican...

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Solomon 1 of 2 Solomon is a 42-year-old black Jamaican male who has been in the United States for 3 years. Solomon was married for 5 years while he lived in Jamaica but "it didn't work out. I left to make some money, she didn't come with me, and so we broke up." Solomon had no children with his ex-wife. When Solomon came to the United States, he quickly found work as a sheet welder. "It pays me good money. I do construction work, but this is good enough. It's what I like to do, but not what I'm best at doing." Solomon worked the morning shift, and on occasion would work the afternoon shift. Solomon appeared at our clinic one afternoon. Since the clinic's population consisted mainly of mandatory clients (those who had to attend sessions), the fact that Solomon, initially, was voluntary surprised us. We soon learned that he was not entirely here of his own volition. "Okay, here's what happened, so they say. As I told them, I watch Mandy's daughter a lot (Mandy is his girlfriend). We do a lot together. Mandy and I live near each other, about 15 minutes away. Her daughter stays with me a lot; she stays over some nights as well. We play games. I really love her daughter. I have a Playstation, which she really loves. In my apartment building the toilets are in the hall. I always go with her to the toilet because my building is not that safe, especially in the halls for little girls. When she finishes on the toilet I clean her up. I always have done this for her since she was trained, ever since I've known Mandy. The next morning Mandy said that my finger entered her daughter's vagina while I was cleaning her up; she accused me of this! We weren't fighting or anything. What is she, crazy? I have no idea where this came from. This is crap."
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Solomon - Solomon Solomon is a 42-year-old black Jamaican...

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