Spencer - Spencer The main thing that Spencer; a...

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Spencer 1 of 3 The main thing that Spencer; a 62-year-old married pharmacist, could recall about his childhood was that his father; a high school basketball coach, was a perfectionist and often angry. Spencer vividly recalled endless homework sessions in the evening with his father: Shortly after each session began, his father could not contain his frustration at Spencer's occasional inability to grasp what seemed like a simple concept Sometimes his father would repeat the problem in a progressively louder voice, as though screaming the words would inspire Spencer with the answer: If the boy made a guess at the answer; but guessed wrong, his father would stalk out of the room, only to reenter a few minutes later; calmer but likely to react in the same way at the next roadblock. As Spencer got older; he assumed more independence in his schoolwork and the unpleasant interactions with his father lessened. Still, his father's tendency to perfectionism - as applied to Spencer - occasionally took other forms. For example, when Spencer was a varsity basketball player in high school his father would attend games and occasionally become overzealous. During one game, after Spencer had made a blunder; his father came down to the team huddle during a time- out, grabbed him by the shirttail, and began berating him in front of the other players. In retrospect, Spencer didn't resent his father for these actions; he knew the man was motivated by a desire to see his son succeed. However; he did wonder what effect this behavior had on his own personality development, which eventually came to mirror his father's intolerant, perfectionist style. At the age of 3I, Spencer earned a degree in pharmacy; he spent the next 3I years working continuously in the field. He started out employed in a retail store, but after a few years sought a hospital job. Careerwise, his perfectionist nature worked to his advantage; he was considered reliable and diligent, someone who could be counted on to come through and rarely make a mistake. Over the years, he moved to positions of greater and greater responsibility, until he was supervising the entire pharmacy operation of a large hospital. At the same time, his perfectionism could also work against him. He fretted constantly over potential lapses: errors that either he or his
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Spencer - Spencer The main thing that Spencer; a...

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