Tessie - Tessie Tessie is a 79-year-old retired...

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Tessie 1 of 2 Tessie is a 79-year-old retired schoolteacher who is brought to the emergency room after being found wandering around her neighborhood in a confused and disoriented state. She seemed to be in good health until a few months again when her husband was hospitalized for 10 days for relatively minor surgery. About a month after her husband returned home, he and their two married daughters, who do not live at home, reported a noticeable change in Tessie’s mental status. She became somewhat hyperactive and seemed to have excessive energy, was irritable and agitated, had difficulty getting to sleep at night, and became preoccupied with concerns that she was going to die. She began to prepare for death and wanted to visit relatives in the Midwest to see them for the last time. After Tessie’s confused and depressive symptoms had gone on for about a week, she was taken to see a psychiatrist, who made a diagnosis of depression and started her on imipramine and haloperidol. Shortly after beginning these medications,
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Tessie - Tessie Tessie is a 79-year-old retired...

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