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Winnie 1 of 1 Winnie a 49-year-old woman, is referred by a dermatologist who could find no objective evidence of skin disease, although the patient insists that she is plagued with insects. She says that the "infestation" began nearly 12 years earlier when she developed a skin itch that spread allover her body. She is convinced that the itch is due to "bugs." She believes that the bugs have burrowed under her skin, and, although she has never seen them, she says she can feel the subcutaneous lumps and feel pain from bites. She has consulted numerous physicians over the past 12 years, especially dermatologists, and she is distressed and angry that no one has been able to help her. Just before the onset of her complaint, she had been undergoing a very stressful divorce. When the skin symptoms appeared, she became more and more preoccupied with them and washed herself and her clothes frequently. When treatment from various family physicians and dermatologists, which included tricyclics, neuroleptics, and benzodiazepines, was unavailing, she resorted to assorted
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