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Psy 610A Advanced Child Psychopathology Case Summary #2 A psychiatric evaluation is requested by the teachers of CB, a 13-year-old boy. He is of average intelligence, according to his WISC-IV profile, with better verbal than nonverbal skills. He does well on tasks requiring rote learning, but his teachers are deeply puzzled and concerned about his poor comprehension of abstract ideas and his social naïveté. They find him appealing, but sadly vulnerable to the hazards of everyday life. His mother dates her son’s problems from the age of 6mos, when his head was accidentally bruised. From that time on, he became socially aloof and isolated and spent most of his time gazing at his own hands, which he moved in complicated patterns before his face. At the age of one year, he began to watch the passing traffic, but still ignored people. He continued to be remote, with poor eye contact, until five years of age. He passed his motor milestones at the usual ages and, as soon as he was physically able, began to spend hours running in circles with an object in his hand, and screamed if attempts were made to stop him. He performed many stereotyped movements as a young
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P610A - Case Summary 2 - Psy 610A Advanced Child...

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