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Psy 610A Advanced Child Psychopathology Case Summary #1 Janet, 13 years old, has a long history of school problems. She failed first grade, supposedly because her teacher was “mean,” and was removed from a special education classroom after she kept getting into fights with the other students in 3 rd grade. Currently, in a regular-education sixth-grade classroom, Janet is failing reading, barely passing English, arithmetic, and spelling, but doing satisfactory work in art and physical education. Her teacher describes Janet as a “slow learner with a poor memory” and states that Janet doesn’t learn in a group setting and that Janet requires a great deal of individual attention. Janet’s medical history is unremarkable except for a tonsillectomy at age five and an early history of chronic otitis media (middle ear infections). She sat up at 6 months, walked at 12 months, and began talking at 18 months. Examination revealed an open and friendly girl who was very touchy about her academic problems. She stated that she was
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