341jornals 1-4 - Mohanad doubi First class Mr reed draw a...

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Mohanad doubi First class Mr. reed draw a picture of a man and a women and the mountain and he connect these thing of people need, for example they need food and so it is easier if the start farming instead of going to look for food and the same thing if the put animal in the farm. Sample he categorized people as hunter and gather in the past and they are steal in these days. Also he explained the 80 % of problem are 20% of cause. I agree that some people are steal hunter and gather but I think that they are small percent, people know go to more advanced thing and they technology changed the way people used to live. Furthermore, I real belief that 80% of problems are 20% cause and it what I see in real life because every time I call the doctor about anything I have he immediately tell me what medicine do I need Second class Mr. Reed takes about the organization and he explain who the three employ work in the factory with the manger supervising them. Also, he mentions Adam smith theory about how division of laborer increases production. Moreover, he gives us some definition for example, boundary, and activity system.
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One of the greatest thing that I learn in this class is that if the activity level is complex the easier is the job, and this is what we see in real life, it tend to be inflexible and more efficient . Third class We just talked more about activity level and bounder Forth class It was I cumbering between mc Donald’s and burger king, in this class we went over the differences and what makes one of the two restaurants better than the other and It seems that mc Donald’s was better in many of the things that we discussed, most important things was the prices, more location, menu variety , and play lands. Fifth class
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341jornals 1-4 - Mohanad doubi First class Mr reed draw a...

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