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Mohanad Doubi Date:8/30/07 My father Writing diagnostic My father My father is the only man in earth that I want to be like him even though I know that it is imposable. Their are many things that I like it in his personality for example, the way that he trite people, his behavior, the way that he look to life, humility. In Saudi Arabia we have people that work for us and they are foreign and most people in Saudi they do not respect them and they do not treat them well except my father he treat them very well even when they do some thing bad he never shout on them, when I was a chilled their was a women that work for us and one day she beaten me and hit beat heir back and my father know that and he get mad from what I do to here, and he impunity me for what I done. My father is very humility he never
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Unformatted text preview: looks to people who are lees education or less position than him that these people are low class or they are useless or they cant help our community he look at them is normal people that they did not get the chance to improve them selves or to get education, and he always told me that any bode you meat you will learn some thing from him especially older people. One of the things that I like it in my father is the way that he loves his sons and daughters, he make us feel especial whit out showing to one of us that he or she is better than the others, he make us feel like we are one person. There is no any world that can explain how do I love my father and respect him and I always want to be like him....
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