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ECON 110 Article 2 The article talks about the introduction to the American market of the new iPhone from Apple. In the Asian market there are already many phones that do similar things as the iPhone, however the worry is that the iPhone is the first to combine many features into one compact package. The Asian tech companies such as Sony and Samsung are acting warily to the iPhone and will be putting out competitors shortly to make sure that the Asian market does not become saturated with iPhones and they lose market share much like they did when the iPod came out six years ago. The iPhone is becoming a very polarizing item. It is the new thing that everyone just has to have. I’m not convinced that it is all that great.
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Unformatted text preview: Essentially it brings nothing new to the table. It is just a rehashed version other devices that has been slapped with the iconic Apple brand. To Apples credit they will benefit from being the first in the US market to put out a phone that combines many features from other phones. Apple has also expanded its force across different markets thanks to their very successful iPod. Before the iPod Apple was on a steady decline, but now thanks to the amazing success they are building up steam in many different venues. With an increasing market niche, Apple has positioned itself for success in the electronics markets that it targets carefully. The Asian market had better be on notice that the Apple gorilla is coming soon....
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