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article4 - Sony has finally realized it and will continue...

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http://www.nytimes.com/2007/07/12/business/12video.html Nintendo has continued to be sold out of Wii since the launch of the console. They anticipate more of the same in the lead up to the holidays. Over a hundred new games will be made available by Christmas to further encourage people to buy the Wii. Sony has over 200 games coming up by Christmas and has slashed its price by a hundred dollars to spur on sales. The Nintendo Wii is an interesting console. The fact that it is outselling the Playstation 3 is more due to price then anything else. Sony limited their market by pricing their machine way out of some people’s reach. Not many casual gamers are going to fork out six hundred dollars for it.
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Unformatted text preview: Sony has finally realized it and will continue to see sales rise. Nintendo is doing the right thing with appealing to the casual gamer with their average performance and excellent value. There is a market for both of the consoles. Playstation’s superior performance will appeal to those looking for quality. Nintendo will continue to do well with the casual gamer and children. The issue for Nintendo will be when Sony’s console of superior quality becomes cheap enough that people actually have to think about it. In the past Sony has won the console war and it appears that they are gearing up for another return to the throne....
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