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article9 - that in the 1930 Kellogg's offered its workers...

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Workers today could put in a twenty hour week - in most cases - and the company would be at the same productivity level they were at twenty years ago. In other words, you're working twice as hard not to keep up, but to charge ahead. But workers aren't getting paid double what they were twenty years ago. In fact, once you add in unpaid overtime, inflationary expenses for daily living, time and money spent during commuting and everything else that makes daily living so much more expensive, the average worker is this unenviable position: He is working twice as much as necessary, keeping anywhere from 10 to 25 percent less of his paycheck, is in up to three times more debt and losing benefits to boot. Affluenza was eye-opening when I saw it. We all know the standard 40 hour work week is the only way to do business, right? And we all know that most of us work far more than 40 hours. But there's no other way to be productive, is there? Did you know
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Unformatted text preview: that in the 1930 Kellogg's offered its workers 35 hours of pay for a 30 hour work week? This couldn't possibly have worked, right? Guess what, productivity raised so much that in two years those workers were getting paid for thirty hours of work what they had previously been paid for forty hours of work. That’s just crazy! Who would have thought that would happen Could you live a contented life with fewer material possessions? What would make this possible? What personal and social changes would you be willing to consider making or helping to make? These are tough questions we need to ask ourselves. I think they are the right ones to be asking. I realize that after viewing this film that I need to be sure to be content with what I have. Sacrifices have to be made, and as a society it may be hard but we need to be willing to do it....
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