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Dr. Wilkinson REL 324-016 Journal Batch 1 . When the apostles are all gathered together with members of the church it reminds me of how small the church was in the latter day dispensation. It is always interesting to see the amazing changes that the Lord can bring to pass. In such a short time he has grown the church from this little entity as is displayed in here into the massive church that we have today and see the good that it does. It is reassuring to know that if you keep the commandments then Babylon will fall and you will be able to avoid the calamities that will befall the wicked who don’t obey the Lord. For such a small amount of verses, there is a lot of information that can be extracted. I always liked the story of Elijah, because he came to the Kirtland temple on my birthday in 1836. The work for the dead is one that is very important to the Lord. The work is one that there is practically no end to, there are just so many people that need their work done. I think that it is great to think of how much more work is being accomplished by the church thanks to the efforts put forth by President Hinckley. Thanks to the many new temples, there must be tens of thousand of work done every year that would not have been finished without the increase in the temples. I had the experience recently to go and do some work for my family members in the temple. It is a joyous experience to go and do the work for others that you don’t know, but it makes it even
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more amazing when you have the chance to go and do work for family members that you know are waiting excitedly on the other side of the veil. This past reading involves one of my favorite stories in all of scripture. The conversion of the early members is very interesting on many levels. To see this ardent dissenters of the church suddenly turn their ship around and pursue the good of the kingdom is amazing. It gives hope to anyone who has ever done anything wrong in the sight of God. If Joseph and Martin can change their ways and become an Apostle and
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journal batch 1 - Dr Wilkinson REL 324-016 Journal Batch 1...

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