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Doctrine and Covenants 324, Winter 2005, Dr. Carol Wilkinson Test 3-Final Study Guide (Sections 1-76) Be familiar with people mentioned as we've studied all sections. Joseph Smith Sr. Joseph Smith Jr. Hyrum Smith Samuel Smith David Whitmer Oliver Cowdrey Joseph Knight Sr. Know his story Martin Harris John the Revelator Elijah John the Baptist Peter, James, and John Newel Knight, Helped the prophet out, moved him places Thomas B. Marsh, Ziba Peterson, preached to indians Orson Pratt, member of the 12 Parley P. Pratt, member of the 12 Sidney Rigdon, Emma Smith, Fredrick G. Williams, James Covill, Mrs. Hubble, Hiram Page, Simonds Ryder, New people introduced in sections 47-76: Ann Lee, Founder of the quackers W. W. Phelps, Had printing shop, printed D and C, Printer guy, got excommunicated Newel K. Whitney, Bishop in Kirtland, Presiding Bishop Owner of the store in Kirtland, which was Bishop’s store house and school of the Prophets John Whitmer, First historian, one of 8 witnesses (excommunicated) Edward Partridge, Presiding Bishop until death in 1840. Ezra Boothe, Sought evil in his heart, convert, condemned by the lord in section 60s William McLellin, Apostle, denied church, wanted to fight Joseph. Philo Dibble Made death masks of Hyrum/Joseph Section 1 Intended audience of Doctrine and Covenants those who dwell here now ALL PEOPLE Section 2 Elijah's purpose, place of appearance to restore keys Reveal the Priesthood Kirtland Temple Section 3 Lesson Joseph learned as a result of loss of 116 pages of Book of Mormon manuscript. Trust in the Lord and not in Man Section 4 Who is called to the work? Those who desire to serve Section 5 What/who was the means necessary to accomplish the work of translation? Urim Thummim (Joseph Knight sr?) Section 6 Instructions to Oliver regarding sacred things (gifts). Make it not known if they are not of the faith Term for a truth known to man through revelation. Mystery
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Section 7 Definitions of beings that are: Transfigured A temporary state that transforms an individual to a more exalted and glorious condition so they can withstand the presence of a glorified person or view the visions of eternity. Translated A state that is impervious to sufferings of the physical body that lasts until resurrection. This state extends one’s ability to perform further missions on earth beyond a normal lifetime Resurrected An everlasting state that creates a perfected immortal soul by reuniting the body and the spirit. This state can only occur after mortal death
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Study_Guide_final REL 324 - Doctrine and Covenants 324,...

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