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Dr. Pike REL 212-012 Journal Batch 1 Acts 1: 3 pts I haven’t read the New Testament in its entirety since my mission so I am excited to be able to go back through and remember some things as well as learn some new ones. Acts chapter one was interesting because it really makes you wonder what it would have been like to be around the church in its infancy. When the apostles are all gathered together with members of the church and they mention there are around a hundred and twenty of them, it reminds me of how small the church was in the latter day dispensation. Reading about Judas’ death made me wonder when exactly he died. What was he doing during the crucifixion, was he happy, a bit scared or just trying to ignore the whole situation. We hear that he killed himself, but then in Acts 1 it is made to sound like his bowels fell out by an act of God. I would venture to say that if he did kill himself it had to be when he heard the “rumors” that Christ had risen from the dead. That would be enough for me to realize that I had made a huge mistake. Mary the mother of Jesus seemed to be very involved in the workings of the church. Given the amount of emphasis that is given to men in the scriptures I find it curious to that Joseph the father of Jesus is not mentioned more. Since some of Jesus’ brothers were involved in the church and maybe were apostles, it seems very weird that Joseph isn’t mentioned when his sons are. Acts 2-8: 3pts Having had the chance to read more of the Acts of the Apostles it is interesting to see how strange the order of events can be compared to the modern dispensation. In Acts chapter 2 the Holy Ghost is poured out upon people, who had for years been baptized members of Christ’s church. Obviously the Lord had his reasons for doing it in the order that he did, but it is still interesting to think of an Apostle going about his work without the Gift of the Holy Ghost. In Chapter 5 I was impressed with the swiftness of God’s judgment against the couple who conspired to hide their wealth from the Church. There must have been some other things going on behind the scenes for such an action to be taken I would think. To simply consciously withhold funds, is of course bad, but I wouldn’t think that it was cause for immediate death. Stephen’s death reminds me of Abinadi’s trial in the Book of Mormon. They both preach scripture and are listened to by their audience and then afterwards killed. It seems strange to me that you would sit through an entire sermon and then afterwards kill the speaker. If you were going to do it, then do it and keep them quiet. Who exactly writes down the words of Stephen? Was there another apostle there writing and not helping Stephen? Interesting to think how much of the scriptures are merely the best guess of what was said during a sermon, as I doubt they had Judas in the corner writing furiously every time Christ spoke.
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journal batch 1 - Dr Pike REL 212-012 Journal Batch 1 Acts...

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