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journal batch 2 - Dr Pike REL 212-012 Journal Batch 2...

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Dr. Pike REL 212-012 Journal Batch 2 Galatians: 3 pts Galatians chapter 3 has a lot of great topics in it. I love how Paul spells out how the gospel was taught to Abraham. We as members of the church know this, but it is overlooked very often by people of other faiths. The Law of Moses was important because it teaches obedience which the Jews needed for a time. I thought that primary in a way does the same thing. Being a primary teacher has helped me to see just how important it is to instill the principles of the gospel in children early. Paul speaks of some type of physical problem that he possesses. I wonder what it is. It really doesn’t matter in the long run, but it helps to humanize the apostle. I get so caught up thinking that apostles and prophets are so amazing that sometimes I forget that they too have failings and have to deal with things just like we all do. It is the ability that they have to overcome their problems that makes them special. They see their flaws and embrace and seek to refine themselves with the Lord’s help. I too often think that I try to do everything myself without the Lord’s help. Paul knows that many people have and will suffer for Christ and he is encouraging them to know that it is important to press on in the work. It must have provided strength to Joseph Smith to know that there were those before him who suffered and endured to bring about the kingdom. Romans 1-5: 3pts I enjoy reading Paul’s writing and Romans is no exception. I like Romans because it seems to have a lot of good basic doctrines for the early church. The importance of faith the overall theme that I found from the beginning chapters of Romans. I would think that because of the importance of the Law of Moses, there were a lot of people who thought that by strictly adhering to the Law of Christ that they would be saved because of the greatness of their deeds. Paul speaks clearly and with great power expressing how important it is to have faith. It is faith that brings us to repentance. Without faith I would not be where I am today. I try to do the best that I can, but I know that I can always be improving in how closely I stick to the gospel. I know that as long as I keep trying that my faith in Christ will help me return to live with him. Complacency is the last thing that Paul is trying to foster with these chapters. He is striving to do the opposite; he wants to inspire us to
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journal batch 2 - Dr Pike REL 212-012 Journal Batch 2...

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