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Dr. Pike REL 212-012 Journal Batch 3 Hebrews 1-7: 3 pts Hebrews struck me as a lot of emphasis on how perfection is attained only on the principles in the gospel of Christ. Paul makes sure to let us know that as the author of our salvation, Jesus has the perfect right to set the conditions of our salvation. Essentially he did this and we call it the gospel. The gospel has principles and ordinances which must be complied with in order to allow and deserve eternal blessings. Being completely perfect is not a reality in mortality. Mortal man is not capable of being absolutely perfect, but it is still our responsibility to be as perfect as we can. We have this time on earth to prepare ourselves for eternity and every opportunity to progress and be as perfect as we can be must be embraced. In the scriptures the Savior said to his disciples, that they should be perfect, even as their Father in heaven is perfect; that they should be righteous, even as he is righteous. I know we can’t be as perfect as Christ or that we can be as righteous as God. But I believe that we can strive for that perfection with all of the facilities that we possess, that is what Paul taught me. Hebrews 8-10: 3pts Paul has some great points throughout the chapters the part that hit home for me was the part about it being through Christ’s blood that we are sanctified. Through faith in Christ and the personal application of his atonement I see a quality of spiritual life that far exceeds anything that I feel during those times in my life where I’ve been a bit off the path. I think that the spiritual difference comes from a bit of personal sanctification. It would seem to me that sanctification through Christ’s atonement is a process, one that you must continue to strive to attain. Since being sanctified allows us to dwell with God, it should be our own goals to attain personal sanctification through the atonement. The atonement of Christ is really the foundation which everything rests on when it comes to salvation and eternal life. Through Christ’s work, we can have the spirit and be sanctified when we repent and feel the power of the spirit work in our lives. With the Holy Ghost being the resident member of the God-head on the earth, it is important to keep him with us and seek that sanctification that comes from the spirit, but is only effective because of the sacrifice of Christ. Hebrews 11-13 3pts Some of my favorite mission scriptures are found in the reading for this time. There are some great quotes on faith. Paul and Alma had the right idea in these scriptures on faith. Faith and belief are sometimes equated as equals but there is in my mind a difference between the two words. Belief to me is a bit more passive. I believe in things that don’t take
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much effort. Belief can be changed not readily but with a persuasive argument I can change my belief on a topic sometimes. Faith implies to me a confidence and conviction that makes you want to take action.
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journal batch 3 - Dr. Pike REL 212-012 Journal Batch 3...

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