WritingAssignment2 - One of the most interesting themes...

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One of the most interesting themes associated with our readings are those of Aristotle’s Ethics . His views on virtue ethics are some of the most poignant and important matters that I can think of. It is amazing to read the complex notions of virtue that Ethics presents and strives to teach. Though not always correct the basic underlying concepts of Ethics and his view of virtue ethics are uplifting and helpful. The philosophy of virtue ethics, which mainly deals with the ways in which a person should live, has puzzled philosophers from the beginning of time. There are many contrasting interpretations regarding how one should live his or her life in the best way possible. It is in my opinion that the Greeks, especially Aristotle, have exhibited the most logical explanation of how to live the “good life”. In order to explain the fundamentals of Aristotle’s Virtue Ethics, one must acknowledge his primary motive in this study, which is to understand what it means to live well. Unlike Plato, who believed that living well involves multiple higher forms to which we can’t observe, Aristotle believed that there was just simply living well, and disregarded distinctions between what is morally good and what is good for an individual person. After studying other opinions of what it is to live well, Aristotle concluded that the ultimate human end is happiness. He had two reasons for regarding happiness as the ultimate good. The first reason relates to its completeness. For Aristotle, happiness is the
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WritingAssignment2 - One of the most interesting themes...

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