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Problem 1. Chemistry 0244, 2010 OK – this question should be easy if ( IF ) you know what s going on in the acetylene zipper reaction. When 3-hexyne is treated first with sodium amide (NaNH 2 ) in ammonia (NH 3 ), then quenched with a little acid/water to bring the pH to 7, a single product, 1- hexyne, is formed. 1. NH 2 /NH 3 2. H 3 O + /H 2 O By contrast, when acetylene 1 is treated in exactly the same fashion, no new
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Unformatted text preview: acetylene is formed. Instead, there is an approximately 50/50 mixture of starting material and a new, non-acetylenic product, 2 . 1. NH 2 /NH 3 2. H 3 O + /H 2 O 1 + 2 1 Explain mechanistically, being careful to: (a) write a good mechanism for each reaction (b) identify product 2 (c) explain why the two reactions take different courses....
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