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0244Pb13-10.cwk (WP)

0244Pb13-10.cwk (WP) - (CH 6 2 Alex Bradley ’ s research...

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Problem 13, Chemistry 0244 - 2010 1. The isolation of three, and only three isomers of disubstituted benzenes was a crucial factor in the assignment of the Kekulé form as the correct structure of benzene. Use the fact that there are three and only three achiral isomers of a disubstituted benzene (C 6 H 4 R 2 ) to criticize the suggestions that benzene might have the following structures, each of which is
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Unformatted text preview: (CH) 6 . 2. Alex Bradley ’ s research has shown that the molecule shown below, another isomer of benzene [though not of (CH) 6 ] is not as ridiculous as it looks. (a) why might one call it “ridiculous”? (b) Use the data in part 1 to decide if this isomer could be benzene....
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