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Problem 7, Chemistry 0243-2009 Construct the molecular orbitals (MOs) for linear BeH 2 from H 2 and the AOs for Be. We suggest the following protocol: (a) how many MOs will there be? (b) show the orbitals of H 2 and Be that you will use in your construction. (c) order these building block orbitals in energy. Remember that at this level of “theory” you will only have to interact the orbitals closest in energy. You might stop right here
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Unformatted text preview: and ask one of us if you are right. (d) construct the proper MOs for linear BeH 2 . (e) order the bonding and nonbonding MOs in energy. There is a machine, called an EPR spectrometer, that can detect (”see”) unpaired electron spin. Would the EPR spectrometer see unpaired spin in: neutral BeH 2 ? + BeH 2 ? – BeH 2 ? Explain....
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