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Problem 12, Chemistry 0243- 2009 In class we talked about the destabilization of eclipsed ethane through the interaction of three pairs of filled bonds. Electrons were forced into antibonding orbitals. There is another effect - one that stabilizes the staggered form of ethane. (a) Construct the two MOs for a C—H bond from a carbon sp 3 and hydrogen 1 s orbital (b) Make careful
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Unformatted text preview: drawings of these orbitals. NOW: (c) Draw staggered and eclipsed ethane in schematic form. (d) What factor stabilizes the staggered form of ethane over the eclipsed form? Consider the two coplanar C—H bonds and the stabilizing interaction between filled and empty orbitals. “ What filled and empty orbitals?” is the first question you should ask....
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