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0243Pb55-09.cwk (WP)

0243Pb55-09.cwk (WP) - (b Now predict the spectrum for the...

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Problem 55, Chemistry 0243 - 2009 (a) One might expect that a two-spin system of the following kind would show two lines, one for each different hydrogen. But, as a former US president once said, that would be wrong. R R R' R' H a H x H a H x Remember that each different hydrogen - each hydrogen in a different molecular environment - resonates at a frequency (energy), and that the spin of H x (or of H a ) can have two values, + 1/2 or – 1/2. Now predict the NMR spectrum of the “AX” system shown above. Get your answer checked!
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Unformatted text preview: (b) Now predict the spectrum for the following “AX 2 ” system: R R R' H x H a H x First catalog the possible spin combinations of two H x hydrogens, then predict the spectrum. Get your answer checked! (c) Now do the same thing for “AX 3 ” R R H x H x H a H x Finally, generalize: how many lines will appear when a hydrogen, H a , is flanked by n adjacent equivalent hydrogens? Draw a molecule in which an H a is flanked by four equivalent H x ’ s....
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