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0243Pb56-09.cwk (WP)

0243Pb56-09.cwk (WP) - diagram Let J ma = 2 Hz and J mx =...

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Problem 56, Chemistry 0243 - 2009 Now consider a more complex “AMX” system. How many lines for H a ? How many lines for H x ? OK that s easy. But how many lines for H m ? That s not so easy. Hint: do it “one J at a time” - figure out the effects of MA coupling, than add the effects of MX coupling. R R H m H a Cl R' R' H x Get your answer checked! No use graph paper to see whether it makes a difference in which order you do the “tree”
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Unformatted text preview: diagram. Let J ma = 2 Hz and J mx = 4Hz. Does it make a difference? (it had better not!) What happens if J ma and J mx are very, very close? Work out the “tree” diagram for an AMX 2 system. Work out a tree diagram for an AMX 3 system. How about an A 2 MX 2 system? OK now you know a lot about J....
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