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N(CH 3 ) 2 H 2 O Br 2 CH 3 I A D C 7 H 13 BrO C 10 H 22 N I NaH B C 7 H 12 O C 7 H 12 H 2 O K + CN C 8 H 13 NO C F C 7 H 14 O _ (a) E KOH/H 2 O heat 1. B 2 H 6 2. HOOH HO - / H 2 O (b) The following “roadmap” problems involve series of straightforward, simple reactions. You do have to be careful to explain the stereochemistry and regiochemistry of each step if appropriate.
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Unformatted text preview: It will be useful to make good, clear drawings of all the products. Problem 77, Chemistry 0243 - 2009...
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