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Pb85, Chemistry 0243-09 - give B . (d) When irradiated in...

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Problem 85, Chemistry 0243 -2009 a)The compound X (C 9 H 12 ) reacts with ozone, followed by reductive workup, to give only Y. C 9 H 12 1. ozone 2. H 2 /Pd/C X Y O O H H (b) Compound X has the following 1 H NMR spectrum: δ 2.6 (1H, triplet), δ 5.4 (1H, triplet). (c) Compound X absorbs three moles of hydrogen when treated with H2/Pd/C to
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Unformatted text preview: give B . (d) When irradiated in the presence of diazomethane, compound X gives two products, each C 12 H 18 , ( C and D ). Identify X , explain observations a, b, c, and d, and give structures for compounds B , C , and D ....
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