0243Pb11an-09 - planar non-planar means diminished or zero...

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O C C C C H H H H H O C C C C H H H H H O C C C C H H H H H O C C C C H H H H H Answers to Problem 11, Chemistry 0243, 2009 (a) (b) O C C etc Here are the three best: O C C etc (c) The bottom one is the best because the relatively electronegative oxygen bears the negative charge. (d) It's planar, all right. For charge to be dispersed, a VERY good thing in energy terms, orbitals must overlap - share space. For this to happen optimally, the system must be
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Unformatted text preview: planar. non-planar means diminished, or zero overlap here -no charge delocalization planar- orbitals overlap optimally, and charge can be delocalized NEW QUESTION : Why does it cost much much more in energy terms to rotate around bond A (see diagram in answer to part b) than around bond B? bond A bond B...
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