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0243Pb47an-09 - changed Thus the rate will go up as...

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H 3 C I H HS CH 2 Cl 2 C 8 H 9 I C 8 H 10 S 2 * (+)- 1 CH 3 HS H Answers to Problem 47 - Chemistry 0243 -2009 Starting material is S Product is R d. no e. In a nonpolar solvent, the starting material will be less stabilized than in a polar solvent. Though it is hard to be precise here, the TS, with its dispersed charge, should be less
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Unformatted text preview: changed. Thus the rate will go up, as the "distance" between SM and TS decreases. f. S N 1 intrudes in a polar solvent, so optical activity is lost to some extent. g. Once we get to 100% S N 1, it will go to zero....
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