Pb86an-09 - (h) H 2 /Pd (i) 1. HBr (makes the tertiary...

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Answers to Problem 86, Chemistry 0243 - 2009 (a) CH 2 N 2 (diazomethane) and light (b) CF 3 COOOH (c) KMnO 4 or (b) and either HO /H 2 O or H 3 O + /H 2 O (d) Br 2 /H 2 O (e) 1. BH 3 2. HOOH/HO (f) (e) and HBr or HBr/ROOR (g) (e) and NaH followed by (f)
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Unformatted text preview: (h) H 2 /Pd (i) 1. HBr (makes the tertiary bromide) 2. base (E2) tert-butoxide can be made from-butyl alcohol and NaH. (j) (i) and Br 2 followed by base (double E2) (k) 1. O 3 2. HOOH...
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