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Introduction - able to be used by multiple users must be...

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Introduction : The inventory system being developed is for the Lubbock MHMR Information Technology department. Currently the Information Technology department at MHMR has to manage inventory manually. The system will be Web Based with the implementation of an SQL Server 2005 database. User Requirements : Because Inventory has a direct weight on our money, it is necessary for us to manage it well. The system must reduce our inventory cost by recording and tracking equipment. It must track the location and status of an item. We will need to keep track of product pricing including software. The software system needs to be user-friendly and must be
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Unformatted text preview: able to be used by multiple users; must be easily maintained and must provide an array of functions. It must integrate with other departments like purchasing and billing and must have a backup database. Use powerful tools to handle backorder processing, movement of inventory, and tracking of true costs Serialized Inventory Landed Costs - tracking your true inventory costs Sales Analysis - many canned reports plus access to detailed sales information using various external report writers Strategic Requirement 1 User requires that the system be user friendly. Tactical Requirement 1...
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