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IE 131 Solutions for Problems due Feb 24 (Chs 5 and 6) 5.1 A fleet of forklift trucks has an average travel distance per delivery of 600 ft loaded and an average empty travel distance of 500 ft. The fleet must make a total of 55 deliveries/hr. Load and unload times are each 0.4 min and the speed of the vehicles is 400 ft/min. The traffic factor for the system is 0.93. Availability is 1.0 and worker efficiency is assumed to be 100%. Determine (a) ideal cycle time per delivery, (b) the resulting average number of deliveries per hour that a forklift truck can make, and (c) how many trucks are required to accomplish the specified number of deliveries per hour. Solution : (a) T c = 0.4 + 600/400 + 0.4 + 500/400 = 3.55 min/delivery (b) Ideally, R dv = 60/3.55 = 16.9 deliveries/hr With traffic factor, R dv = 16.9(0.93) = 15.72 deliveries/hr (c) Number of trucks n c = 55/15.72 = 3.5 rounded up to 4 forklift trucks 5.7 An AGVS has three load/unload stations (numbered 1, 2, and 3) that form the corners of an equilateral triangle whose sides are each 1000 m long. The hourly rate of loads carried between stations is as follows: 20 loads from station 1 to station 2, 20 loads from station 2 to station 3, and 15 loads from station 3 to station 1. The From-To chart requires that the vehicles always move in one direction around the triangle (from 1 to 2 to 3 to 1 . . . ), so the traffic factor is assumed to be 1.0. Vehicle speed is 60 m/min. A total of 1.0 min is required for handling time per delivery (0.5 min for loading and 0.5 min for unloading). The AGVs must be scheduled as efficiently as possible, but the delivery requirements make it impossible to avoid some empty traveling by the vehicles. Assume that availability is 100%. Determine (a) average delivery cycle time of a vehicle and (b) how many vehicles are needed to meet the hourly delivery schedule. Solution
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HW-02-24-10s-Chs5_6 - IE 131 Solutions for Problems due Feb...

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