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Chapter 9 Working Plans

Chapter 9 Working Plans - goodwill Do not repeat negatives...

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CHAPTER 9: WRITING REPLIES TO INQUIRIES AND REQUESTS Working Plans LETTER GRANTING THE REQUEST Direct Approach 1. State in the first sentence that you are granting the request. 2.Give necessary background information. If the original message contained itemized questions, use this format for your answer. Repeat details from the original inquiry or request. 3. Express appreciation. 4. Offer something extra for the reader if possible (service - plus). 5.End on a relevant, positive note possibly involving future interest, help, information, etc. to maintain goodwill. LETTER REFUSING THE REQUEST Indirect Approach 1. Start with a buffer paragraph. 2.State the facts leading to the refusal. Remember to give the reasons before the refusal. 3. Avoid a blunt "no" and maintain a positive attitude. 4. Offer an alternative solution or substitute action if you can. 5.End with a paragraph that is relevant and looks positively toward future in order to build
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Unformatted text preview: goodwill. Do not repeat negatives and do not apologize in the last paragraph. WRITING COVER LETTERS The purpose of a cover letter is to accompany other items such as advertising brochures, price lists, catalogs, coupons, tickets, checks, reports, and business forms. Writing a short, friendly letter to accompany such items is both courteous and helpful. 1. Start by identifying the item enclosed and your reason for sending it. 2. Stress the reader's use of the item. 3.Refer to specific advantages of the enclosure but choose details carefully. 4.Provide a closing paragraph designed to promote goodwill and future business. AVOID THE FOLLOWING PHRASES: " I am enclosing" is selfish sounding "You will find enclosed" should be obvious "Enclosed please find" must I hunt for it? "Enclosed with this letter" is too wordy Simply use: Enclosed is (are)...
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