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235onlinechap8gradechecklist - Included a closing(Sincerely...

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BUS 235 Business Correspondence Chapter 8 E-Mail Assignment Points Possible Points Earned Paragraph 1: 25 ___________ Started the e-mail with “Please” and used the direct approach indicating that you are seeking answers to specific questions relating to the upcoming Customer Service Seminar and briefly explaining why you are seeking the information Paragraph 2: 25 ___________ Used questions rather than statements Made the questions specific, not general Used a format to make the questions stand out by numbering them or using bullets Paragraph 3: 25 ___________ Included a goodwill close Format 25 ___________ Included the correct subject line for the e-mail Included a salutation in the e-mail (Dear Mrs. Bernhardt)
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Unformatted text preview: Included a closing (Sincerely) Divided the content into paragraphs according to the A-plan approach shown above Did not include all capital letters in the message TOTAL POSSIBLE = 100 ___________ Point Deductions for Deficiencies in the Essentials of Effective Writing: Each error will result in a two-point deduction. Clear ________ Courteous ________ Coherent ________ Sincere ________ Complete ________ Grammar ________ Concise ________ Spelling ________ Correct ________ Punctuation ________ Considerate ________ TOTAL DEDUCTIONS = ___________ FINAL POINTS = ___________...
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235onlinechap8gradechecklist - Included a closing(Sincerely...

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