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222OnlineAssignment1 - • Analyze the judge’s verdict...

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BUS 222 Legal and Social Environment of Business Case Study Assignment You must have purchased the access code package titled You Be the Judge (ISBN 007330 9095) that accompanies the textbook to complete this assignment . This is available in the college bookstore. After you have the code, follow the instructions to go online and locate You Be the Judge Online interactive video cases. Please refer to the grading rubric as you prepare the assignment. Assignment: 1. View the video case “Privacy/Employment at Will: Fired for Whistling?” 2. After viewing the case, prepare your answers to the following: Summarize the legal position of the plaintiff in the case; Summarize the legal position of the defendant in the case;
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Unformatted text preview: • Analyze the judge’s verdict from the standpoint of the key legal issues in the case. 3. Your responses to the above questions must be one full typewritten page , double-spaced, using a normal font size (11 to 14). 4. All assignments should be submitted through the digital dropbox or turned in during the required on-campus visit corresponding with the stated due date. Assignments turned in past a due date will only be eligible for half credit. 5. You may access instructions for using the digital dropbox under the assignments link. Please be sure to save your file in a rich text format prior to submitting it through the digital dropbox....
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