gay marriage 2 (2)

gay marriage 2 (2) - Faihan Alqahtani Phil -105 TA: Mike...

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Phil -105 TA: Mike Brady 45/1/09 Fighting for Rights Whether we are walking down the street or sitting in a board meeting at work, we frequently hear people’s ideas about the issue of legalizing same-sex marriages. It is also often discussed in high schools, on college campuses, and in government assemblies. We are told that the United States is the land of the free which allows legal citizens many rights and freedoms. However, whenever the topic of same-sex marriages arises, people start to show their true colors and those ‘freedoms of rights’ often are forgotten. For those against it, their opinions are based on religious values and the idea of procreation, the idea of what the marriage institution should be recognized as, and also, try to compare same-sex marriage rights to promoting polygamy. Below, I will attempt to persuade the reader to be for same-sex marriages by refuting the previously stated opinions of those against the legalization. I will do this by illustrating the opposing idea to each of their reasons and show how hypocritical and prejudiced they are. When religion is brought in to any topic it is quickly heated and becomes rather intense. People, who follow a religion closely, will most likely use it as a part of their argument in any discussion they are against. For same-sex marriages, it proves to be no different. It is heard all over how the bible does not agree with same-sex couples and that our main goal as humans is to procreate. Therefore, since being in a same-sex relationship does not allow procreation, religious groups are against the idea. However, same-sex couples have the right to adopt children and can also use artificial insemination in order to procreate and form a family which eliminates that issue. 1
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gay marriage 2 (2) - Faihan Alqahtani Phil -105 TA: Mike...

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