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Saad Alqahtani 2/23/09 After reading the article “Why you’re likely to marry your parent” by Celeste Perron from CNN, I agree with the writer when she discusses comfort in familiarity. I believe that my dream girl would likely be like my mom because my mother is my human angel that I love most. I want someone to treat me like her baby. I believe I would like to marry someone who shares my happiness, sadness and every other aspect in my life. This someone should always be on my side and be there whenever I need her. I want someone to hug, kiss, and cuddle me truly and deeply. Also, I would need someone to make me smile after a long day of working and make my life full of love and passion. Therefore, since my mother cannot be the one to be truly in love with me in a passionate way I would have to look for a woman that shared her similar qualities
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Unformatted text preview: because of my comfort in familiarity. However, when Perron talked about righting old wrongs, I thought that was wrong. Since I have such an attachment with my mother I cannot even imagine finding a woman to be with so that I could relive my history to right it. I cannot believe that people do this when they are searching for their true loves. I think that people who search for someone to love that is similar to their parents is ok because those qualities they find are ones that they are familiar with and also ones that make them happy. Therefore, those couples would not have to worry about ending up not liking each other or divorcing because they would already like what they found in their lover....
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