Baby Pumpkin and the Noisy Wind story

Baby Pumpkin and the Noisy Wind story - Mama pumpkin and...

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Baby Pumpkin and the Noisy Wind Once there was a very tiny baby pumpkin. This little pumpkin had a big mama pumpkin and an even bigger daddy jack-o-lantern. One night, baby pumpkin woke up and his room was very dark. The wind was howling outside and  baby pumpkin was very scared. Baby pumpkin started to cry so loud that mama pumpkin and daddy jack-o-lantern came rolling to his  room.  When mama pumpkin and daddy jack-o-lantern asked what was wrong, baby pumpkin said, “The  wind is very scary and is too loud for my ears.” 
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Unformatted text preview: Mama pumpkin and daddy jack-o-lantern then showed baby pumpkin that the wind was just whistling a night song. They then showed baby pumpkin how to whistle and when baby pumpkin whistled for the first time he was not scared of the wind anymore. Mama pumpkin and daddy jack-o-lantern then said goodnight to baby pumpkin and kissed him on the forehead. Then baby pumpkin lie back down and fell fast asleep with the wind singing the night song to him....
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