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Alien Observation - Morris Library Observation 1-aBc By...

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Morris Library: Observation # 1-aBc By: Faihan Alqahtani ID – 851324990 Date: April 19 th , 2009 TA: Bryan Carlo
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After observing the culture of southern Illinois, I was able to differentiate between the people and their way of life. So often you see a person and just imagine or make up a story about them in your head, but when you actually sit there and observe them and their actions you get a sense of their true self and not just what you have made up. In a way, observing people and the ways they use the space and environment surrounding them, introduces you to many new ideas of how people act and the way they really are. The physical space that I chose was Morris Library on the SIUC campus. I noticed that there are two main, but very different, atmospheres on the first floor of the library. When it was mid-terms, I remember the library being completely quiet and everyone hard at work. However, with not all occupants having tests at the same time like at mid-terms, I realized the other atmosphere was very relaxed and chattier than at mid- terms. However, you can tell that the majority are still there to study in the mostly quiet atmosphere of the library. While at Morris Library, I observed the first floor where all the computers are assembled. In this area I counted 56 people at the time I was present. The make –up of this 56 person population consisted of people from around 18 or 19 to a few people in their 50’s. The gender was almost split down the middle with 30 females and 26 males.
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