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4.2 quick check - single graph It is selecting a data...

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Talal Aldahhas 4.2 Quick Check: 1- 2- Click the Legend button. Then click More legend option. Click the Show the legend without overlapping the chart, then click the Fill then click Solid fill button. Click Color, click White. 3- Click Summary Report then click on the chart area. Click Chart Tools Design, then Select Data, and add. 4- Combination chart is a chart that combines two or more chart types in
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Unformatted text preview: single graph. It is selecting a data series in an existing chart, then apply a new chart type. 5- by clicking in Insert, then click in Shapes. Click in the shape you want. 6- go to size group. Click in Shape Height and size it as you want. go to size group, then click in Shape Width size it as you want. 7- in the Arrange group, click in Align, then click Distribute Horizontally. 8-...
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