LIN 401 notes week 3

LIN 401 notes week 3 - *Interdental- between teeth...

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Obstruent’s LIN 401- 1/25/10 Phonetics: The study of the sounds made in the production of human languages. Speech Production mechanism: -lung -trachea-wind pipe -Larynx- Voice box -pharynx -oral cavity -nasal cavity The vocal tract- -Alveolar ridge bump -Hard palate -Soft palate -Uvula -Larynx- Vibrate How are consonants formed? Consonants block or interfere with the passing of air from the lungs. Some factors in constant formation: -state of glottis: *Folds open (voiceless-no hum)- h,p,t,k *Folds near each other (voiced, “Humming”)-a,i,b,d,g. -place of articulation: where the air is blocked or interfered with *the place of articulation is bilabial (two lips)- where restriction happens *Labiodentals- lips and upper teeth
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Unformatted text preview: *Interdental- between teeth *Alveolar ridge- alveolar (tongue on ridge) *Hard Palate- palatal (tongue on hard palate) *Velum- velar (tongue on soft palate) *Glottis- glottal -manner of articulation: *Stop-air passage blocked with p,d,k *Fricative- air interfered with z,v,s *Affricate- air blocked and released *Nasal- m,n,ng *Lateral Liquid- I *Retroflex Liquid- r *Glides- w, y How is a vowel made? The shape of the vocal tract determines what vowel is heard.-tongue height-tongue front/back-lip rounding (Know chart for vowels and constants) Diphthongs- two part vowel, combination of vowel and glide, and single syllable. Learn IPA!!!...
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LIN 401 notes week 3 - *Interdental- between teeth...

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