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1.5 Multiplication Multiplication- multiplication of whole numbers is repeated addition. Set Model- Measurement Model- 0 6 12 -Two steps of six Rectangular Model- X X X X (1x4=4) Multiplication Properties: 1. Multiplication Identity Property- 5x1=5 2. Commutative Property- 3x6=6x3 3. Associative Property- (2x3)x5=2x(3x5)
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Distributive Property- 2x(3+4)=(2x3)+(2x4) Three stages of thinking strategies: I. Intraphase-End of first grade (*2,*3,*0,*4,*10) II. Mental Phase- Grade two (*5,*9) III. Closing- End of third grade (Doubles, and memorizing)...
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